About the Book

Bonnie and I were chatting about my bookand she suggested creating a space for conversation for people who might be reading it. I’ve had this blog for a while and its mostly been static since I finished my exams when I was working on my Ph.D. You can still find book summaries–they are mostly books related to the field of Christian Ethics in some way–in the section 70 Books in 70 Days (I have a few to add); but I’ll activate the blog again to start working through the book.



Beginnings: The idea for this book began while  I was studying for my Ph.D. in Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary.  I wanted to do some research on the positive role that the Christian church can play in a pluralistic public square. So here it is, a “few” years later.

It can be “academic” in some places, so the idea of the blog is to make those places more accessible and to have a place for conversation about it.

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